Q: I recently sent my vacuum cleaner to be repaired under guarantee. After the repair I was given a technical report about the works done; it was written that the vacuum cleaner’s motor was replaced. When I saw this I enquired regarding the guarantee of the replaced motor. The company informed me that the new motor does not carry a new guarantee but the original warranty of the vacuum cleaner continues. This means that since the vacuum cleaner is one-and-a-half years old and the motor is new, I only have six months of guarantee left on the new motor. I would like to check if this is according to law or whether I should have been given a separate two-year guarantee on the new motor?

A: When a product turns out to be defective and is repaired or replaced free of charge under guarantee, the original guarantee given to the consumer when the product was purchased continues. Hence, in your particular situation the seller is right in telling you that he is not obliged to issue a new guarantee on the replaced motor.