I consider proactivity as a virtue of those who truly believe in their abilities to deliver meaningful change. Time and time again during this legislature, we have seen the Nationalist Party going out of the conventional way and not simply opposing but also making proposals which can be rolled out and implemented once the party is elected to government.

Transport issues have become pressing and require urgent attention even for the ever increasing economic impact which mobility problems invariably cause.  Transport features very high on the list of concerns facing people in all published surveys. Constituted bodies have not held back in calling for urgent attention to this problem.

The road network has undergone a remarkable upgrade which was the result of millions of EU funds obtained for these upgrades. Upgrades are still being carried out and planned in notorious traffic hot spots. Millions continue to be spent on subsidies for the efficient operation of the local bus system, however it is very evident that this country now needs to seriously plan medium- to long-term solutions even as the number of cars on our roads continue to soar.

This is precisely the rationale behind the recently launched PN proposals for innovative measures which include, among other initiatives, a state-of-the-art metro system which is earmarked to be delivered over a span of four legislatures and which, once ready, will provide the useful alternative to more traffic on our roads.

Complementing the long-term solutions are a number of short- to medium- term proposals aimed at alleviating the traffic disruptions

The proposal which carries a price tag of €2.3 billion presents a very serious attempt at encouraging the people to lessen their dependence on cars and move towards alternative, cleaner and more feasible transport methods.

We have long discussed the need to have a truly viable alternative, one which will support the economic growth and progress of our country in the years to come.

The PN believes that it is high time that there is capital investment and new infrastructure put into the upgrading of our transport system.

The overriding principle in the PN proposals is the introduction of the concept of multi-modal systems, whereby commuters use different, yet connected, means of transport.  The well-thought PN metro system proposals present different scenarios of underground and above ground stations which depend on the restrictions presented by the various towns and villages.

Complementing the long-term solutions are a number of short- to medium-term proposals aimed at alleviating the traffic disruptions currently being faced by our motorists on a daily basis.

Among these there is a proposal for a more generous car scrapping scheme which will hopefully encourage drivers to trade in their old car for a newer vehicle. This measure is expected to assist in the PN’s commitment towards cleaner air.

The PN is once again cementing its place as the true catalyst of change and alternative ideas for our country. It opposes, as it is its right to do, with good measure. But it proposes too and its proposals are not based on the egoistic need to garner votes but guided by the common good.

It bodes well for the future of our country and it gives all electors hope that the PN is indeed an alternative government waiting to implement its proposals.

Sam Abela is a PN election candidate.

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