This fountain was originally erected by Grand Master de Vilhena in 1728. It was, for a significant number of years, the only source from where the inhabitants drew their water supply since it was connected to the Wignacourt aqueduct system. However, the fountain was removed in 1956 due to the re-alignment of St Anne Square, only to be reinstated in 1958.

The major feature of this fountain is the statue of a seated lion with a paw resting on Vilhena’s coat-of-arms, raised on a plinth standing in the middle of the fountain’s basin.

Water issues from the mouth/s of a cherub/s.

Vilhena Fountain at Floriana was included in the Antiquities Protection List of 1932 and was scheduled by Mepa as a Grade 1 national monument as per Government notice number 1082/09 in the Government Gazette dated December 22, 2009.