The feel of an office space has a strong influence on work performance. This may not be apparent at first sight, but the more comfortable and safe people feel in the office, the easier it becomes to focus on their tasks.

The human body creates a bio-magnetic field in the surrounding space which works like a sensory system and allows us to detect movement behind our back, helping us identify potentially threatening situations.

Movement that is too close triggers an unconscious alert. By positioning ourselves in a space which is perceived as safe within the office, we can easily improve our sense of well-being at the workspace.

Nobody feels comfortable with large, heavy objects placed right above the head or a desk, or in a place that feels too exposed. It is better to allow a little privacy in an open space office and make sure your back is protected by a high office chair, partition or, ideally, by a solid wall.

Layout, furniture and desk positioning can help improve the productivity and avoid unnecessary distraction.

If you feel stagnation, a simple thing such as a rearrangement of space can improve your workflow.

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