I am part-resident in Malta and a local authority officer back in the UK. I am part of a medium- sized authority with a city land area larger than Malta and Gozo put together.

We have visited and worked in Malta since the mid-1980s several times a year, and can only say I am now becoming appalled and fed up with the amount of litter, fly tipping and general lack of any civic pride when it comes to keeping things tidy and clean.

In my city we have a 24-hour dedicated team of 12, and a daytime cleansing team of 45, and no street litter. Surely if this modest- sized team can perform miracles, as well as fining fly tippers by simply fining those named on any rubbish they find, then surely it would not be too difficult for Malta to do likewise?

I try to spread Malta’s good name whenever I can, but in each case I always get the same responses – litter and the general state of the island makes it second or third choice.

Malta is not second- or third- rate. It has the heart of a lion but the body of one of the many feral cats I often find... more than a little unkempt!

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