We refer to the item ‘Arch Building’ (On The Dot, October 5), which claims that “work seems to be at a standstill”.

This is not true. Work onsite is, in fact, registering considerable progress.

One has to keep in mind that such a project differs considerably from normal construction sites and hence delays are tobe expected.

One example is the size of the blocks used.

These blocks are bigger than the normal 250mm x 225mm x 550mm and the supplying quarry is required to cut the stone toour specifications.

All blocks are then once again cut to size and laid on site.

Due to this, when work might appear to have ceased on site, it only means that the work is being carried out elsewhere and has not stopped at all.

We are certain that the Wignacourt Arch, Bieb Fleur de Lys, will be completed in the coming weeks to the residents’ and public’s satisfaction.

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