Zugunruhe, Tom Bailey’s award-winning performance that explores the migratory restlessness of birds through interpretative dance, will be staged at the Catholic Institute, Floriana, next Sunday at 5.30pm.

Through his performance, Bailey shines a light on people’s overprotective mindset on borders. It looks into the travels of the marsh warbler, the world’s only bird whose song echoes its route. Rehearsing the performance among the birds in the wetlands of Somerset, UK, Bailey creates a feast of bird behaviour alongside a digital sound map of the marsh warbler’s journey.

Offering a fresh look at migration, Zugunruhe takes us on an exhilarating trip to see this movement across the globe, in animals as well as in humans. In an age where migration is a topic so close to home, this performance is surely not one to be missed.

A collaboration between the performer, Bailey, and composer Rowan Evans alongside a group of ornithology scientists and researchers from University College London, Zugunruhe is an Edinburgh Fringe award-winning performance that has also been covered by BBC radio.

The show is being organised by the team behind Science in the City. For more information and tickets, visit the Facebook event below.



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