A good friend recently confessed that I bore him with my boring stuff about politics. He’s right I suppose. So here goes - this is all about food, great, succulent, mouth-wateringly fabulous food.

I’m going to talk about fairy-tale food.

Imagine—close your eyes, take a deep breath and think hard—the best thing you have ever eaten in your life. Or, once we are in fairy-tale land, in all eternity.

Got the picture?

Thought it out well?

Can you just taste the best dish, the most sumptuous dish ever prepared?

Now as I am a wizard I have transported you to the best restaurant, with the best service, the best views and the best of everything. Fairyland never had it so good.

Imagine you are enjoying each and every morsel of this dish. You eat it slowly. You go on savouring it even after finishing it. You are in the upper echelons of heaven.

You smack your lips—you close your eyes again and dream of eating that self-same dish all over again. And the chefs, delighting in your gratification, do just that: they get you another dish, the same succulent stuff as before.

Now the second one—yes, even in fairyland some rules do not change—isn’t exactly the best. You are rather too full and the effort to chew is a bit too much. You finish it and you smile. But the smile is one of relief that you’ve managed the second big morsel of heaven.

Your look of satisfaction is now noticed not just by the chefs but by the people around you. A good friend orders another of those heavenly dishes for you and again you feel compelled to eat it. That’s what friends are for no?

The story goes on and on.

You are sated beyond imagination and the once-good stuff has turned into boring sameness. Too much goodness, too much heaven. If the first was heaven, the second was purgatory, and the third a fate worse than hell.

Too much of something makes us lose interest. Even goodness and beauty can be boring: too much of them and we become inured, uninterested, bored and finally boring.

Goodness turns into boring; just imagine what badness does. We don’t just accept it, we devour it because we have to. But ironically instead of stopping or attempting to stop something bad we just bow our head and accept it. The acceptance deep down might disgust us, make us want to puke but we go on letting it rule over us.

This is our life in fairyland Malta—fast turning into a farce of scandal, nepotism, gross injustices, political ennui. We’ve had so many scandals, so many mistakes, that we are not aware how accepting we have become and how bored.


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