Spazju Kreattiv is tomorrow showing the 2020 Swiss-Italian docudrama Il mio corpo.

Michele Pennetta’s lyrical and melancholic film follows two young men living separate but equally tough hardscrabble lives on the margins of Sicilian society.

Oscar dreams of escaping the grip of his father whom he helps collect scrap metal in unauthorised dumps while Stanley, a Nigerian refugee, works in a local church and then as a farmhand to survive. During a fleeting moment of connection, the audience comes to realise how much the two have in common.

The film, which is shown in Italian with English subtitles, is being screened tomorrow at 7.30pm, but also on January 16 at 8.30pm, on January 21 at 7.30pm, on January 23 at 8.30pm and on January 30 at 8.30pm. For tickets, visit

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