Disillusioned Slovaks are turning to the power of prayer in the hope of cleaning up politicians widely regarded as corrupt.

More than 400 people have vowed to pray for the politician of their choice for at least five minutes a day for six months since the internet initiative was launched on Tuesday by Slovakia’s Christian Youth Communities Association.

“Some people choose their favourite politician, while others might pray for their least favourite lawmaker in order to change their behaviour,” association spokeswoman Maria Janusova said.

She declined to name the politicians who have mustered the most prayers so far.

“As Christians, we believe that if we unite in prayer, we can make a change,” Janusova explained.

The group’s website, where people can sign up for the initiative adds: “We believe that God wants values such as justice, honesty and respect for life to be recognised in politics.”

Slovak politics were rocked to the core last year when a secret-service file code-named Gorilla leaked on the internet revealed alleged links between oligarchs from a private financial group and nearly all of the country’s political elite.


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