An article written by the former judge of the European Court, Dr Giovanni Bonello, is one of those pieces that should make us stop all we are doing and ponder his words.

His article should be read, re-read and distributed to all those in power, close to power, or connected in any way to important positions. It should also be printed in huge lettering and hung outside and inside parliament for all parliamentarians to learn by heart.

And it should be given to anyone aspiring to lead a political party. Failure by any contender to understand the importance of it all should be enough to bar said contender.

Bonello’s words that lawyers and people in the judiciary should not be in business will ring ever so true in any sane person's mind. I cannot add much to what the learned judge said so eloquently for all to read, and feel the shame of what we have let our society allow in the name of greed and lack of standards.

Adrian Delia, who aspires to take over the PN leadership, is not involved in just any business but in the development of apartments. Anywhere else in the world this might classify as any other business but in Malta that is definitely not the case.

Go back in time, to what sounds like pre-history when the PN had been in power forever and Labour languished on the sidelines. Back then, just before the 2013 election, An─ílu Farrugia, today Speaker of the House of Representatives, was deputy leader of the Labour Party. He was ousted by Joseph Muscat and, in his first interview after he was pushed out, declared that developers were too close to the Labour Party and that they pulled the strings at the party’s headquarters.

During the past four and a half years, while Labour have lorded it over all they surveyed, developers have never had it so good. Malta has sold its soul to developers and, while even the PN in power was definitely too close for comfort to developers, Labour obviously loved the tune and has deepened this relationship.

Imagine a prime minister or a prime minister not only in league with the developers but one of them.

Now one of the contenders for the PN crown is a businessman involved in selling cubicles in Gozo and who will be beholden to developers. Imagine a prime minister or a prime minister not only in league with the developers but one of them.

That he is also a lawyer with too many liabilities and, to boot, completely inexperienced in politics, makes him totally unfit for the role. He should have been barred from contesting the PN leadership race, which is fast descending into the absurd.

Malta needs a good opposition and a superbly prepared opposition leader who can be a viable alternative prime minister. Alas, Adrian Delia, if elected, will be a terrible millstone round the PN’s and Malta’s neck.

We, the people, deserve a bit better.