I have no wish to get involved in Malta’s politics, always a minefield for a ‘foreigner’. However, could I congratulate Midi on its magnificent work on the refurbishment of Fort Manoel. I visited the place over the weekend during its Open Day.

The area is now something Malta can be proud of and is a great asset to the country’s future, not least its much-needed meetings and tourism offer.

It is now to be hoped that the already stated further redevelopment of the whole Manoel Island (which currently is a disgrace of haphazard, litter-strewn buildings) progresses in a tasteful, environmentally-friendly and commercially-viable path. The whole island could become a scenically-lovely and attractive area.

A park with beach access, cafes, walks, public and residential housing and the marina is envisaged, I understand. That way, Midi can make some return and Malta recovers yet another eyesore.


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