When was the company set up and with what aims?

The company began its journey in 2006 when our CEO Alexander Stevendahl created a successful affiliate site, crazyrakeback.se. Then in 2007 Mattias Sesemann and Magnus Hyltingö acquired shares in the company and began the relocation plan to Malta, where in 2011 Videoslots was launched. As they say, the rest is history.

Our mission is to be a well-known and respected brand in the online gaming industry. To date, we offer over 1,500 different games. This number is growing on a weekly basis and we are proud to be offering amazing customer service and exclusive products which have been built in-house such as Battle of Slots, an international award-winning product.

As for our vision, this is to create a unique entertainment destination that will appeal to the hearts and minds of our customers by enabling technical excellence, exceptional customer service and market-leading game play innovation.

What services do you offer?

At Videoslots, we always do our utmost to offer the best in online casino. You will find huge jackpots, generous deposit bonuses, 25 per cent cashback and casino races with great prizes. Videoslots rewards loyal players in the best way through cash bonuses, gifts and trips.

With a strong brand name and several unique selling points we’ve become a globally known brand. We are also highly respected by the international gaming industry and recognised as one of the innovative leaders in the online casino world.

Hazel AshleyHazel Ashley

We constantly strive to improve our site, add more games, increase payment options, and provide customers with thrilling promotions. If a player wants an invaluable gaming experience, Videoslots.com is the place to go.

You place a lot of emphasis on building the right team. What qualities does someone need to join your team?

We don’t just want to have staff - we want a team. In the same way we don’t have bosses, we have leaders and this is rolled out on all levels. We believe all our team members can make a difference and impact with our leadership. The qualities that, we are proud to say each and every one of the team has, are innovation, creativity, leadership and passion - these qualities make them entrepreneurs and help in building an exceptional team. This also stands for the growing list of job slots we have available and coming up in the future.

What has your team achieved so far?

We have built an award-winning online casino, top international customer service, created exclusive products and a reputation which is based on our core values, which originates from the people we have and want to join us.

In what ways do you show appreciation to your team?

We constantly push for our staff to better themselves through internal and external training. We also strive for personal development - for this, we have a ‘My Plan’ for every team member, and this helps them advance in moral, careers and enhancing Videoslots’ name and reputation. We also organise a weekly group breakfast during which we give out prizes. Our monthly team events are also important in getting our team to unwind and feel connected. And of course, the rumours that we’re taking everyone on holiday for a four-day break are true.


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