I’m never perfectly sure if we live in a bubble, a gold-fish bowl or if we truly have fallen into the widest hole ever dreamt about by the fabulists.

When Gonzi the horror ruled with a majority of one, a couple of party mavericks went insane whenever he did anything they disapproved of. They dictated and the more he tried, the more they riled, attacked, made a show of dissonance and caused general mayhem. Now we have a Labour Government with an unparalleled majority, God bless us all. And may all the gods bless the great Joseph.

The Government believes it right, ECOnomically right and proper, to give acres of pristine land to a Jordanian contractor for him to set up an American University. Or whatever it is, because I have no clue what to believe in this worse-than-Lewis-Carroll fantasy.

The unsaid things, the clouded ways, the shady deals, all wash over us as we pay homage to Joseph the salesman, his miraculous ways and the money he gets out of any odd sleazeball from the strangest of lands. As long as it’s money let him bring it.

One sole maverick from the Labour Party has spoken up. She — Marlene Farrugia — has made it publicly known that she will not be voting in favour of the land in the south being given as a handsome gift to a bunch of entrepreneurs from the Middle East.

Marlene Farrugia is taking a stand about something way bigger than anything we’ve seen in recent years. It concerns the ravaging of our country and its small countryside by predators who lack any credentials in tertiary education, and especially the environmental sector.

So the Labour lot, bar one, are united and trustworthy, even when it comes to the murky stuff.