“All.me digital network’s marketplace, commonly known as meMarket, will be going live in the beginning of June,’’ said Martin Simonyan (board member of all.me, an international IT company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland) during Malta Blockchain Summit 2019 while talking about further plans of all.me.  

“After extended review periods and beta testing, meMarket is already a reality. We have been looking forward to this. It will elevate the e-commerce world to another level by creating an opportunity to make purchases using our internal digital asset ALL.ME (ME) Token which is earned based on your social activity on meNetwork,” said Simonyan.

All.me is a digital ecosystem that consists of a social network (meNetwork), marketplace (meMarket), and payment service (mePay). The unique business model allows its users to communicate with each other, surf interesting content and get rewarded in ME (all.me currency). The platform shares up to 50 per cent of the advertising revenue with users.

When users register on all.me each profile automatically comes with meWallet. This is an internal wallet that allows users to get monthly ad rewards and make transfers without commission within meNetwork.

With the launch of meMarket, all.me users will be able to: Buy goods directly from their newsfeed; sell different products by simply posting items on their profile; rate the sellers they bought from and help others to shop smartly; and ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly.

We have been looking forward to this

Following this, all.me will also launch mePay, a payment service where users can conduct transactions in ME, open payment accounts and be issued a payment cards, and exchange ME for fiat currencies. MeMarket will provide instant access to products for C2C, B2C and B2B purchases by paying with ME. The virtual currency is operational both inside and outside all.me. ME is a standard ERC-20 token with a total emission of 10 billion. It was listed on CoinAll exchange as of February this year and since then increased its value up to 1100 per cent. The token’s success since its release is due to the ecosystem in which it exists.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Eman Pulis, CEO of SiGMA and of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Eman Pulis, CEO of SiGMA and of the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.

Speakers at the 2019 Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.Speakers at the 2019 Malta AI & Blockchain Summit.


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