The mother who recently abandoned her newborn outside a block of flats in Buġibba had told no one that she was pregnant, not even her partner, the Times of Malta can reveal.

The 22-year-old mother of the baby, found wrapped in a blanket on Friday afternoon, told investigators on Monday that she had not been planning to do what she did but that it was a spur-of-the-moment decision shortly after giving birth to her son at home.

The newborn, who inquiring Magistrate Joe Mifsud has named Cristiano after international football star Cristiano Ronaldo, was released from hospital on Monday and has been moved to the Ursuline Sisters’ crèche in Sliema, along with his one-year-old brother.

Magistrate Mifsud has ordered the ban on the publication of the woman’s name as well as the names of any other relatives of the baby. The baby was found just hours after he was born. He was abandoned in Pioneer Street at around 4pm on the porch of a block of apartments.

The infant, who was discovered by some residents nearby with parts of the umbilical cord still attached to him, is a healthy baby, despite not being born in hospital. It is believed that the baby was born at around noon.

Sources said the mother told investigators that she had given birth at home and had taken the baby and placed him on a nearby porch because she had not told anyone about the pregnancy.

The sources said the woman was “a victim of circumstances” and that she had no other problems like drug addiction. The woman was located in Qawra after she was traced by the Child Protection Services who had already been keeping an eye on her over help she was receiving with her other one-year-old child.

She cooperated with the police and immediately admitted that she was the mother. She was accompanied to Mater Dei Hospital to see her baby once again.