More low-income households will be eligible for the energy benefit and pensioners who still live at home will get an extra €200 and free internet if Labour is re-elected to government, Robert Abela told a Labour Party event on Tuesday evening.

The energy benefit is aimed at helping low-income families with their utility bills. Currently, it covers up to 30 per cent of eligible households' utility bills prior to the eco reduction, up to a maximum of €75 per year per person in the household.

To qualify for the benefit, the household's declared income must not exceed €9,302 yearly, but Abela said the limit will be bumped up by at least another €2,500 if Labour is re-elected.

"Thousands of pensioners will be eligible to benefit from lower utility bills and gas rebate," he told supporters in ┼╗abbar.

"The measure will save you up to €314, and that's aside from the €15 weekly rise in pensions."

He said this way, pensioners would have been given financial aid that equalled the income tax reduction for workers.

He also pledged to raise the senior citizen grant by €200 yearly for those who are over 75 and still live at home.

Currently, the grant is of €300 yearly to persons aged between 75 and 79, and as of January 1 this year, €400 yearly for those who are 80 and over.

Abela also promised free internet for the elderly, saying that the total amount of benefits in pension raises, energy benefits, free internet, and the senior citizen grant is €1,600 yearly.

"You know where you stand with us, and you know you'll be better off with us, because we tell you exactly how much we'll give you, when and how," he said.

"The PN will only give you forms filled with terms and conditions."

He also claimed PN leader Bernard Grech would drive families to homelessness by taking away financial aid to tenants living on pre-1995 rent agreements and would stop handing out tax rebate cheques.

"Go look for the tax rebate measure in their manifesto. It's nowhere to be found," he said.

"If PN is trusted, the tax rebate cheque you'll be receiving in the coming days will be the last one," he claimed.

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