In his article ‘Tunnel facts’ (January 3), Steve Pace said: “The disposal of debris will be one of the major concerns for environmental NGOs and will be one of the sorest points to be addressed.”

If he is living in Malta, I am sure he knows how things are being managed. My crystal ball tells me this project will ‘naturally’ find its place on Konrad Mizzi’s desk. Consequently, we know the project will be in very good and able hands: I am sure Mizzi will set up some sort of structure, with a CEO, managers, office staff, premises, etc. to deal with the debris.

I am sure the able minister already has in mind where land reclamation is to be carried out. We thank God we have such a deep-thinking minister who has proved himself to be unbeatable in carrying out multimillion-euro projects.

So the correspondent should put his mind at rest that lucrative projects are in the hand of an able minister.


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