I refer to Martin Scicluna’s ‘Conscience and choice’ (April 3).

The Pope has just issued a stark warning to youths telling them our culture has lost its sense of truth and bends the facts to suit particular interests. Manipulation of consciences is one of the most effective instruments employed to make wrong decisions.

Towards the end of his article, the correspondent wrote that belief in freedom of conscience and freedom of expression go to the heart of Western democratic values. I fully agree with this but he should have made a distinction between a brainwashed conscience and a well-formed and informed conscience.

Take a teenager who is brought up in believing that the sun is God. His faith is genuine and bona fide and he is ready to die for it but, in effect, he is miles away from the truth. And the truth is… no matter how sugar-coated, intelligent and eloquent the arguments are, abortion is nothing but murder.

Three cheers to the President of Malta who upholds his and our hope that life will be respected from the very first moment of conception to the last breath.



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