Two Maltese actors will shortly be exporting their theatrical production, a play called Kandor, on a tour of Europe and Asia.

Working together as the theatrical group 'Curtain Raiser', Patrick Vella and Clare Agius have teamed up to produce Kandor, described as a "script within a script, a play within a play."

The play can be described as a dynamic psychological piece, packed with tension, fear, love, fear and above all, twists.

It features a tormented man, Tony, who suffers from panic attacks and mild mental disorders. Mariah, his therapist, tries to identify the voice he keeps listening to.

This is a psychological play devised by the same performers, and inspired by various authors and theatre-makers such as Brecht, Meyerhold and Grotowski.

The duo will be touring Switzerland and Poland in July, the Belarus and Scotland in August, and India in August and September.

In Scotland, Patrick and Clare will be taking part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is renowned as the largest and most prestigious theatre festival in the world.

After their return, they will perform Kandor at St James Cavalier on September 17.

Patrick has just completed his Masters in theatre in education at the University of Loughbourgh and is reading another Masters in theatre and performance.

Among others, Patrick took part in Jesus Christ Superstar, The Doctor and the Devils, and The Crucible.

After graduating from MTADA, Clare went on to play the title role in Garcia Lorca's Yerma and took part in productions like Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

Clare has participated abroad in several theatre festivals, and in recent years she has been presenting popular television shows.


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