ADPD, the Green Party, has announced its first 10 candidates for the next general election and promised more would be approved soon.

The candidates are: 

  1. Melissa Bagley (Districts 5 and 10)
  2. Anthony Buttigieg (Districts 1 and 10)
  3. Carmel Cacopardo (Districts 4 and 11)
  4. Ralph Cassar (Districts 7 and 11)
  5. Brian Decelis (Districts 3 and 4)
  6. Sandra Gauci (Districts 6 and 12)
  7. Mario Mallia (Districts 2 and 8)
  8. Samwel Muscat (Districts 6 and 7)
  9. Mina Tolu (Districts 9 and 10)
  10. Mark Zerafa (Districts 8 and 9).

Former PD leader Anthony Buttigieg already announced his candidature in an opinion piece in Times of Malta last month. 

He said he had entered the race to fight against the "bipartisan revolving door of favours, kickbacks, omertà and nepotism that ensured the ruling political class had unbelievable sway over the political, business and personal future of far too many".

He said he believed the ADPD party was "honest" and had the " honest and genuinely have the well-being and preservation of this nation at heart".

The doctor cited the "ridiculous and discriminatory" plan for an arena at Marsascala as one of the projects he would campaign against. 

ADPD was created last year as a merger between the Democratic Alternative (AD) and the Democratic Party (PD). 

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