Adrian Delia has told Bernard Grech he does not want to form part of his shadow cabinet. 

A spokesman for Grech told Times of Malta that during a recent meeting, the former Nationalist Party leader told his successor that he preferred not to take on any role.

“Dr Delia expressed his preference to follow the Westminster model whereby former party leaders do not shadow,” the spokesman said. 

The spokesman was quick to add, however, that the matter has not been concluded with further discussion expected between Grech and Delia. 

On Sunday, Grech had told the party faithful that he would ensure his predecessor is part of the shadow cabinet which he plans to announce soon.

I will be insisting he [Delia] is given shadowing. I do not want to lose anyone. Delia was party leader and there were some allegations but moving forward I will be looking at things and then deciding,” he said on NET TV.

Delia is still valid, as are those who follow him

“Delia is still valid, as are those who follow him and just as he opted to stay, they [people leaving PN] should look at him and do the same,” Grech had said at the weekend.

Nationalist Party insiders told Times of Malta that the new leader is still mulling over whether to go for a major reshuffle of the shadow cabinet.  

While it is standard practice for new party leaders to appoint a shadow cabinet of their own, the party sources have said that a major shakeup this late in the legislature might not make strategic sense.  

“There may be some changes, but a major overhaul of the shadow cabinet might be problematic,” one source said.

A major overhaul of the shadow cabinet might be problematic

However, another argued that a reshuffle could “inject vitality” into the PN’s group. 

Grech replaced Delia as PN leader earlier this month in an election that saw him gain some two thirds of party members’ votes. 

Delia was the first PN leader not to take the party to a general election.

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