As every man, woman, and chameleon knows, Adrian Delia has won the contest to become the new PN leader. So far that is all he can be because he still has no seat in parliament, although he apparently has a plan to get one. He’s full of plans God bless the mighty man.

Congrats are in huge order as he won against all odds. He beat the “establishment”, which as expected is now suddenly beholden to the man, shady or not. Good luck to him and to the PN.

So Delia is now the leader of a party that could in theory take over the reins of power in a few years. Of such dreams our world is made; and, just as he made it this time, who knows whether he will also succeed in the biggie.

Certainly Delia would need plenty of guile, luck and a few more plans to get Labour out as the PN seem to be in dire straits. The way things have panned out it would appear at first sight that the PN are now relegated to a few decades in Opposition. Because how can Delia attract people to his fold if he is under a shadow himself? How can the PN ever win back its great following if the party is led by a rather dubious man with no political experience and who is surrounded by men who seem more thuggish than the PN ever was?

How can the PN, which poses as the eternal flame-keeper of all that is right and upright, win back the majority of moral-loving people? How can Delia, who himself has been accused of having secret bank accounts, hope to become the Maltese premier - following in the footsteps of such men as Eddie Fenech Adami and Lawrence Gonzi?

Political pundits are already bandying numbers about - with the latest being that the PN with Delia at its helm would lose the election by 60,000. Quite an achievement to have increased the deficit by so much in a few months.

Labour have never had it so good.

But, on second thoughts, do they have it good?

Malta could surprise us all. No party in power - except by foul means in 1981 or when the PN were wonder-makers and won three consecutive elections in 1998, 2004 and 2008 - has ever managed three electoral victories in a row.

Delia might offer us something quite spectacular

But Delia might offer us something quite spectacular: if he plays his cards well he will triumph and send the cocky team of Labour to the opposition benches.

If Delia shows he is going to turn a blind eye to sleaze and wrongdoing he will appeal across the spectrum of electors: from labour-leaning ones to ex-PN supporters who fled, to the acclaimed undecided, better known as the floating voters.

What his election as PN head has certainly proved is that the Maltese in their vast majority do not care for good governance and politics that promises a clean sweep of anything wrong and shady.

Simon Busuttil tried this game but was branded a great traitor and a loser. PN supporters want their share of the action; they want their share of the cake and if that cake is not perfectly legal so what? If Labour won’t quench their thirst for money and power then the voters will try their luck with the PN.

Shadiness can come in handy after all.


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