The city of Münster has developed a new model of socially just land use that could also work for Malta ( ). I believe it would be in the interest of all people with a lower or average income and the State too if it were to be implemented.

Like in Malta, rents have risen to an unbearable level in many regions in Germany such as Berlin, Munich etc. People who work hard but still do not earn a lot of money cannot pay such rent any longer. Investors buy either land or old houses and turn them into expensive apartments, which normal people cannot afford. They would have to move out and live far away or else would be unable to continue doing their old jobs.

The city of Münster has developed a programme whereby land and houses are only sold to investors who guarantee low rents after building new structures or renovating old ones. The city can, thus, still guarantee their citizens a place where to live, including those who work for the administration, in shops and in companies. They do not wish to have a place catering only for the rich but, rather, for all those who contribute to a functioning city life.

I think it is worth considering.


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