The second injured flamingo has been caught and is being taken to the Administrative Law Enforcement, BirdlLife said.

A spokesman said that the bird had an open fracture in its left leg.

It was caught by BirdLife and ALE representatives with the help of member of the Salina Bird Park.

Earlier, the AFM rescued an injured greater flamingo which was found afloat at sea near Ghallis yesterday afternoon.

The bird was picked up by a patrol boat which was diverted to the area.

The injured bird was handed to ALE personnel who took it to a vet.

Personnel from Birdlife Malta who made the original report were kept informed of proceedings throughout and collaborated with Maritime Squadron personnel to look after the flamingo until arrival of personnel from ALE.

The AFM was informed of the presence of the Flamingo by BirdLife.

BirdLife said a flock of Flamingos was shot by at least one illegal hunter in Qawra. Three were killed and others were injured.