Recently in a local newspaper, it was officially revealed that the Clock Watch Tower, totally destroyed during the second world war, is going to be rebuilt in the main square of Vittoriosa in the very same spot it was before.

The debate as to whether or not to rebuild this clock tower has been going on since the day it was destroyed. Personally, and I'm sure that there are many others of the same opinion, this copy of the watch tower should not be rebuilt.

Firstly because there is not even one stone left of the original building; only photos and memories. It would not make much sense building a replica of an old watch tower.

By the same argument we should rebuild all of Vittoriosa as it was before the war; the destruction of this watch tower will have to remain a sad episode in the history of Malta, like so many things lost and never regained.

There is no historical value or even any social appreciation in building a 'synthetic' watch tower. Besides, it will not blend with the old buildings still existing at present.

So if funds are available, one should look around; one will surely find many other old buildings that are of historical value and that need urgent restoration.

One cannot ignore the great improvements that Vittoriosa has witnessed during the past ten years, surely thanks to the local council and to the enthusiastic mayor of Vittoriosa.

I honestly think that such a building will be a mistake, which once erected is difficult to destroy again. We are still in time to think again.

I understand that much energy has been dedicated to this project but I am sure that one day we will regret the fact that a 'new' clock tower was built.


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