Malta-based executive air charter company AirX is expanding its fleet of aircraft after recently concluding a transaction to add a third Boeing 737 to its fleet, bringing the total number of aircraft to 12. AirX is also adding more of its aircraft to the Maltese aviation register.

“AirX is a living testimonial of Malta’s growing success as an aviation hub. Our fleet expansion programme is well under way, growing our fleet from five to 12 aircraft in one year. Aircraft registration is important for Malta to establish itself as a key player in aviation and creates employment opportunities for Maltese aviation professionals. We are proud to support Malta on the way to becoming a recognised global player in aviation” said John B. Matthews, chairman of AirX.

AirX is a living testimonial of Malta’s growing success as an aviation hub

AirX relocated its head office and operations to Malta in March 2013 and moved fast from a fresh start-up to a recognised private air charter provider in Europe, now employing over 130 personnel.

AirX provides luxury private charter flights across Europe to several clients who most regularly include A-list celebrities ranging from Hollywood movie stars to pop artists, members of royal families, top corporate executives, sport teams and government ministers. The company obtained its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Directorate and Transport Malta in May 2013.


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