I’m no expert so I’ll just say very little about gas and tankers and sites chosen. The previous government - those PN ruffians - were arrogant, didn’t care about people’s health and they did anything they thought made sense even if others, more expert than them, said don’t. This listening government is all different.

It is told by experts not to do something but does it all the same. Nothing changes in this little world of ours. We, the people, chucked out an unlistening government to start a new epoch and what we got is more of the same with a bigger majority and bigger smile.

But who cares? Let’s move on to less contentious stuff - before all this gas knocks me out.

I was told off by a good wizened friend who said I should stop mentioning fear if I wanted the PN back in power. I am just a blogger who observes and don’t care a hoot who wears the boots of power.

I hold no agenda and will cry as loudly as I can and should if Labour - whether in government or not - do anything wrong.

And right now they have done loads of leg-shooting. With their majority and the polls saying they are on their way to win again their smirk keeps growing, and they will smack us even harder.

As I said, I have no axe to grind in favour of anyone, dark blue, light blue or any hue. To be truly honest, if government—does anyone know where the party ends and government starts?—wasn’t offering itself up so much for daily criticism I’d surely badger the opposition.

Then again is there an opposition? Have they, and their supreme leader, gone on an extended sabbatical? They moan and groan but do they now represent such a silent minority that they have no alternative offers for us? I give up on this country and especially on the politicos.

I almost said I’m afraid I give up but then remembered my old friend said I must never use the word fear or its derivatives. I am so happy we are in this situation—gives me great hope since the clowns of mirth and fun have hijacked our future.


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