One week has passed since the ANCHOVY.’s invite-only bash took place, with over 300 friends joining an afternoon filled with tech, deep house, networking and great food. The bash featured culinary highlights by renowned chef Adam Demanuele, candy floss, neon-lit rooms courtesy of NeonGlow, Philips Hue clouds by Astral and probably the most unique Creator Crowd the island has to offer.

The bash was meant to encourage guests to explore the possibilities arising from co-operation between digital and physical experiences, achieving this in a way where creators and influencers were to indulge in experimental rooms, all with different themes and ways of involvement.

ANCHOVY. also wanted to show that great experiences will set you apart and being new, modern and different will increase revenue and customer retention rates.

An important highlight of the bash was the launch of the new ANCHOVY. Influence. Alessandro Morreale, head of business development, said: “We are uniquely providing a layer of separation between influencers and the brands, so each can focus their energy on their respective tasks. We started off the project with a bang, having hit over 100,000 people through the power of influencers during the bash alone.”

The bash was the perfect opportunity to have fun in an informal manner where we can gather information that we can learn from. We’re looking at things like RSVP rates, peak time of attendance, generations and correlations in the data we collected.

ANCHOVY. co-founder Benji Borg said: “It makes me very proud to see that the ANCHOVY. Bash has successfully completed its third edition; we have grown again significantly this year. We would like to thank all of our friends, clients and partners who attended, as well as all of the former team members who joined us. We could think of no better way to begin the new year.”


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