Birkirkara has been confirmed the accident capital of Malta with 294 traffic accidents registered in the locality between July and September.

St Paul’s Bay and Qormi were next, with 213 and 166 reported accidents respectively.

Figures issued by the National Statistics Office today show there were eight traffic fatalities during this period.

The number of reported traffic accidents reached 3,809, down by 7.4 per cent over the same period last year.

The northern harbour district registered the most accidents with 1,368 cases or 35.9 per cent of all accidents.

Traffic casualties increased by 10.8 per cent to 513 over last year, with 307 (59.8 per cent) involving drivers. A total 47 persons (26 passengers and 21 pedestrians) suffered grievous injuries. 

The injuries suffered by three drivers, one passenger and four pedestrians were fatal. Five fatalities were caused by passenger cars and three by motorcycles.

The largest number of traffic casualties (72.3 per cent) were caused by passenger cars, followed by motorcycles (20.5 per cent) and goods-carrying vehicles (5.1 per cent).

The highest traffic casualty rate occurred on Saturdays, accounting for 17.2 per cent of the total, while the highest number of accidents was recorded on Fridays.

Saturdays topped the highest casualty-to-accidents ratio, with 18.1 per cent compared to an overall average of 13.5 per cent.