It’s been a month since an act of horror happened. The whole world looks on and feels the horror that has gripped this land.

Yet, the ones who know, who should act, just look on and snigger away. After saying what is expected of them – expressing deep remorse about the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia – they snigger. Yes, snigger because whatever happened and is happening does not worry them since the people are behind them.

The powers that be – some of the ones waiting anxiously to be, like Adrian Delia – do not really want to look into their soul and see the hollowness of it all. They do not want to face the real reason we are in this situation.

And sadly it is our situation, not Daphne Caruana Galizia's. She was brutally murdered but her hurt is no more. She is gone but what she was uncovering is now probably covered forever. So the sadness is not only for her, for her children and family – but for all of us who did not bury a woman, but our soul, Malta's soul.

It is not justice that needs to be done and seen to be done. Malta needs a complete overhaul of all that has happened in these last few years, a crescendo culminating in Daphne's martyrdom, with this horrendous assassination happening under the watch of Joseph Muscat and his administration.

The Castille bunch snigger and despite Daphne's murder persist with their veiled and unveiled attacks.

Through his blog, Glenn Bedingfield attacks Fr Joe Borg and anyone who dares speak out.

This is what causes the death of liberty, the murder of freedom to speak out in favour of the rule of law.

In public we weep and promise that no stone will be left unturned until the culprits are caught. The culprits are living inside the edifice and the rot is not just there... but taking over completely.



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