Animal welfare activist Moira DeliaAnimal welfare activist Moira Delia

Animal welfare organisations do not benefit from funds raised during the annual charity TV marathon L-Istrina. This prompted them to voice their concern to the President.

A spokesman for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation noted that the meeting was being held at the President’s request and on her initiative “to discuss certain issues”.

Animal NGOs said that during a meeting with Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca soon after she was nominated President, they got the impression they were not eligible for such funds. The meeting had followed an unsuccessful attempt to apply for a share of the money raised during the annual TV marathon.

Last year, animal welfare activist Moira Delia, who worked with all sanctuaries, suggested the creation of a separate fundraiser in aid of animal welfare.

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Since the NGOs would not be able to afford the administration of such a fund-raiser, and also to keep things “as clean as possible”, they had suggested it would be handled by those running L-Istrina.

However, they were informed earlier this year it would not be possible, Ms Delia said, adding that she would be raising the issue on Friday during a meeting with the President. The meeting would, hopefully, bring some good news for all abandoned and voiceless animals, she added.

Ms Delia said animal sanctuaries cost the volunteers that ran them a lot of time and were expensive to maintain. Being unable to access funds from L-Istrina was another blow to them, she added.

The President did not decide on the modus operandi of the foundation

A spokesman for the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation said that since the foundation was set up, there had been a change in the way it operated. The President did not decide on the modus operandi of the foundation but the policies were set by the supervisory council, which the President chaired, and in which she only had a casting vote. The implementation of such policies was the responsibility of the board of administrators.

As a result of the change, the Fund for Voluntary Organisations, for which all registered voluntary organisations were eligible, adopted a project-based approach. This process, and the various calls for application, had always been public and open to the media, he added.


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