Animal welfare officials and the police have confiscated 21 dogs kept in squalid conditions at a house in Pieta.

The Pomerianian dogs, including three puppies, were removed from the house, where a man in his thirties and his partner live. 

Footage from inside seen by Times of Malta showed animal faeces and rubbish all over the floors. Sources also said a small yard on the property is practically inaccessible because of the mess there.

Some of the Pomeranian dogs seized by animal welfare officials. Video: Claire Farrugia

On the condition of the dogs, the sources said they are in a filthy state and some are also believed to be infected with parvovirus, which affects dogs' gastrointestinal tracts. Puppies infected with the virus die if not treated.

The puppies were found covered in urine and faeces and there was a strong stench from the house when the door opened. They were removed in two vans.

Video - Matthew Mirabelli.

Animal Welfare manager Daniel Briffa was allowed into the house together with another man believed to be an acquaintance of the couple.

Last month, officials seized 45 dogs from a man in  Birzebbuga, who was barred from keeping dogs. 

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