Two non-governmental organisations which campaign against abortion have signed an agreement to support a third in its mission to serve as a pregnancy support centre.

The agreement will see Life Line Malta receive material and technical support from the Save A Life Foundation (SALF) and Life Network Malta Foundation. 

Life Line Malta offers online and telephone chat services for women with pregnancy concerns or with post-abortion trauma.

The deal will provide it with help to upgrade its digital and social media presence and the SALF will provide it with material support to individual cases and help it organise joint information sessions with community NGOs.

Nationalist Party MP Claudio Grech, who founded the SALF together with his wife Charmaine, said that this project converges the efforts of two voluntary organisations that are driven by the value in every human life, not from a dogmatic perspective but out of a broader sense of appreciation.

“Through this initiative we want to reach out to those who face closed doors, are shunned by society. As a foundation, we stand up for life on any count. We need to fight prejudice and we are committed to do this by putting into action initiatives that serve compassion, empathy and support” Grech said.

Life Network Foundation Malta chairperson Miriam Sciberras said: “We strongly believe that investing in helping women save lives.”

Grech invests all his parliamentary honoraria in SALF projects, donating over €160,000 since first elected in 2013. The funds went into 11 initiatives that empower children and young people contribute towards their communities.

Christie Zammit, administrative officer at Life Network Malta Foundation, explained the empowering approach of the foundation: “We seek to bring hope to the client that their future doesn’t end with the pregnancy; it only changes, and many times for the better.”

The collaborative initiatives kick off in February and will span over a number of years, aiming to evolve into a permanent pole of support for Life Line Malta and related projects.

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