Apple Inc. is set to hold its’ next big event on Wednesday at 16:00 CET.

It’s no secret that Apple Inc. is one of the most, if not the most followed company across the globe, making any worthy news a big deal in the financial world. Not too long ago Apple claimed the title of the first trillion dollar company in terms of market capitalisation, and stakeholders will be keen on further insight whether the same momentum can be carried through to the next quarters.

So what are investors to expect?

Three new models of the iPhone are expected to be debuted, including a larger-screen version of last year’s iPhone X and a cheaper model in a range of new colours but sporting a lower-resolution LCD display. Some models might support dual Sim cards, a feature that the current iPhones lack, despite its popularity on Android devices in Asia.

The Apple Watch is also set to have its first redesign since it was unveiled four years ago, with a thinner body but a larger display. Rumours are floating around that the “Series 4” Watch will also feature a new electrocardiography sensor, offering a more accurate way to measure heart rate than the current optical sensor. That could pave the way for more advanced medical applications.

Healthcare remains a big focus at Apple and the Watch is its primary vehicle for those ambitions. The probability of Apple announcing new iPads and MacBooks is low, as these typically have their own dedicated event in October.

The biggest question mark ahead of the news conference is how much will the new phones cost. The iPhone is Apple’s largest revenue generator and it is therefore a widely anticipated news event which will likely impact the share price of the company. Last year’s $1,000 iPhone X set a new high bar for Apple’s smartphones, however customers still snapped it up, making it the company’s best-selling model. Wall Street analysts are generally hoping for increases in average selling prices, to ensure that iPhone revenue growth does not taper despite a slow-down in unit volume growth.

Also important is the dates when the units will be shipped. Recently Apple has delayed the shipping of a number of products which were launched, upsetting customers as well as analysts’ models. Investors will be hoping that this is a temporary blip in the delivery efficiency of the company, and will be watching the release dates very attentively.

News about other products rumoured to be in the pipeline, which include iGlasses or iCar are a long shot, however would be a welcome surprise for those Apple fans and investors keeping a watchful eye on “the next big thing”.


This article was issued by Simon Psaila, financial analyst at Calamatta Cuschieri. For more information visit, The information, view and opinions provided in this article are being provided solely for educational and informational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice, advice concerning particular investments or investment decisions, or tax or legal advice.


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