A year-long collaboration between NGO Opening Doors and the Valletta 2018 Foundation culminates this week in a performance offering adults with diverse intellectual needs the opportunity to show their artistic talents.

The project, titled (In)Visibility, takes place on two nights and consists of a double-bill that brings together two theatre companies, both made up of young and talented performers with learning disabilities who are trained by professional artists.

The performance opens with T4, by Welsh inclusive dance project Dragon’s Heart and Dragon’s Soul. The piece is inspired by the killing of 70,000 individuals with intellectual and physical impairments in Germany in the 1930s as part of efforts to create what was termed a “superior race”. The production celebrates the humanity and worth of the people deemed imperfect by the regime of the day.

A double-bill event that brings together two companies

The evening continues with The Secret, a theatrical piece inspired by the Saint-Exupery classic The Little Prince. It will be performed by artists from the Opening Doors Association.

The Secret is a culmination of several months of intense workshops and activities involving performers – dancers, actors and musicians – collaborators and facilitators as well as a production co-ordinator who has supported the creation of this original work.

The show takes place on Saturday and on Sunday at the Valletta Campus Theatre in Valletta and is co-produced by Opening Doors Association, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.