An association representing restaurateurs on Wednesday warned about the consequences on the catering industry of "unfounded statements" calling for the sector to be closed because of a surge of COVID-19.

The Association of Catering Establishment (ACE) said it was concerned about the increase in COVID-19 positive cases, but it was also concerned about dangerous statements and comments by entities and individuals on social and other media.

It said it backed statements by Health Minister Chris Fearne on the need to focus on offering COVID-19 booster shots rather than considering further restrictions including the possible closure of food outlets.

This, it said, was the best way forward in view of the impact that any eventual closure would have on food outlets.

It pointed out that according to a recent survey is conducted, 18.7% of outlets had closed down permanently, recently.

One also needed to keep in mind the financial unsustainability of the COVID wage supplement for the government, the association said. 

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses on Wednesday morning said the hospital is full and nurses are exhausted. It said non-urgent surgeries should be postponed. This, it said was the price the people had to pay after the government failed to close bars and stop travel from high-risk countries.  

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