Politicians, councillors and whatnot all claimed credit for the Attard speed camera installation! Yes, this was until a few months ago. Why not? In Notary Zarb Street traffic accidents caused by over-speeding have been avoided. Irresponsible motorists have been made wary since in September alone 1,081 tickets were issued, dropping to 129 in February. Well done and much thanks from the residents.

But, hey presto, so timed after the local council election, a motion was carried, as reported in The Times, by none other than the three political parties to remove the speed camera. The reason being that the council is only cashing a small fraction of Lm156, 555 collected from just seven months (July 2006 - February 2007).

What is the price of a human life? What values do we talk about?

No other traffic calming measures will substitute the speed came in this particular black spot in Notary Zarb Street. Effectiveness has been proved. Switch on the speed camera. Life has no price tag!

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