Music is just one of three important ingredients contributing to Nightshade: Aubergine’s impact and aftertaste. The other two are a documentary that portrays Claron McFadden’s travels – which kickstarted the idea for this project – and food, but not just any food.

The iconoclastic star of the show is the aubergine: on the night of the main event, this project lets the audience experience rich aubergine-centred cuisine while enjoying travel stories, a documentary film and live music with influences from many cultures. Along with filmmaker Lisa Tahon, McFadden traces the migration route of the aubergine in reverse, back to its roots in the Far East, where she learns local aubergine recipes and practises traditional songs in multiple households.

Nightshade: Aubergine will be held at St Aloysius College today, with food being served by the Migrant Women Association Malta. For more tickets visit