Some 30 people were fined over the weekend after going to parties in breach of COVID-19 restrictions. 

A police spokesperson said that on Saturday night, police were informed that a party was being held at a private residence in Għargħur. Police together with officials from the Health Authority went on site and 20 people were fined by the police. 

On the same night, at around 3.30am, the police were also informed that there was another large gathering inside a private residence in Balzan. Nine people were fined by the police. 

On Sunday,  at around 4.30pm, officials from the Malta Tourism Authority and the police also swooped on a party being held in the limits of Rabat. Police did not give the number of fines issued.

A police spokesman said the fines were issued in terms of legal notices which regulate the number of persons in households and the organisation of mass events. They range from €300 for the former, and €3000 for the latter.

The weekend fines were part of a total of 1,078 COVID-19 fines issued last week, where 76 people were fined for illegal gatherings in private residences.

Another 160 people were fined for being in groups larger than four. 


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