France has begun its scholastic year with a ban on mobile phones use by students under 16. From what I hear, certain schools in Malta have relinquished the war on mobile phones and let students do as they will regarding mobile phones.

Photo: Matthew MirabelliPhoto: Matthew Mirabelli

Some say parents would not be able to contact their children when they are off to school. But a system can be worked out whereby the phones are collected as soon as the students enter school and then given back to them when they leave.

I overheard people talking in the street saying their children cannot do without private lessons. Adding insult to injury, private lessons are sometimes viewed more important than the school lessons themselves. We should devise a system where students are educated and not coached for exams. And we should help students to be critical thinkers and analyse a situation based on fact. Then we should strengthen their will to choose what is right.

Let us have a flexible educational system that caters for the poor, the under-privileged, the undernourished, those abused at home. We can stop this vicious circle from producing adults that are dysfunctional in society. Let us save them and make them the centre of our system. They are the ones who need help most.

And boundaries should never be crossed or become blurred. Rules are there to be kept and this avoids abuse. A teacher or a parent should carry his/her responsibility as they should and keep his/her place as an educator.

Those who care for the young should keep both eyes wide open. An administrator is not there to be popular or to be friends with those in his/her care. If an administrator behaves correctly, fairly and kindly and is popular with those in his/her care, so much the better. This is an added benefit.

Power corrupts. Those who have power must understand that they have power to serve; whether one is a parent, a teacher, an administrator or a member of the police force. Service is given by respecting human dignity and conducting things in a fair manner.

We should let young plants grow in the best of environment so the very best may bloom.

Good luck for the new scholastic year.


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