I recently received a message from a reader asking me to write about which bags are really hot for this summer and, since it wasn’t the first time I had received this request, I thought I’d write a few words about the bags which are taking this year’s decidedly tropical season by storm.

The Dior saddle: I’ve already written an article (or two) mentioning this one but I don’t think anyone worth their salt can compile a list of hot summer bags without mentioning this classic Dior design. Just as everyone started thinking that the interest that has been building up around this bag since February had died down, Dior did what it usually does and came back with a bang via Instagram.

Around a week ago, a score of bloggers and influencers published photos of themselves with the saddle all at the same time and were responsible for nothing short of a media frenzy as everyone’s Instagram feed was literally blitz attacked and clogged with the iconic model. A brand new one will set you back a couple of thousands, but if you’re really diligent you can still find vintage ones which look exactly the same on eBay as well as Vestiaire Collective.

Fendi’s legendary Zucca print is back on everything from bags to sandals to pop socks. The hottest one of them all, the Fendi Runaway tote

The Cult Gaia bag: These have been around for a couple of years now but the interest around them doesn’t seem to be abating. The original Cult Gaia bag which was aptly named the ‘Ark’ literally looked like something straight out of the 70s and due to the fact that it was made out of bamboo, many people were weary to invest in something they couldn’t close properly and which things might fall out of. However, the ‘Ark’ was completely embraced by the blogosphere and they haven’t let it go since. Riding on the Ark’s success they now even offer bags in a host of different styles and materials such as acrylic and mother of pearl. Even though Cult Gaia is less expensive than most designer brands, the trend was so great that it has actually trickled down to the high street; I’ve even seen a few around the Maltese islands going for under €20.

Fendi monogram anything: If you’re able to find me one brand that does comebacks better than Fendi, I’ll buy you a drink. They may have had the baguette about 10 to 15 years ago but they had been dancing around in partial obscurity since, with many people not taking to the Peekaboo’s Celine-like design.

Well, those days are well and truly over: Fendi’s legendary Zucca print is back on everything from bags to sandals to pop socks. The hottest one of them all, coveted by bloggers and mere mortals alike: the Fendi Runaway tote. Spacious enough for your shopping and your towel but probably not great for the kind of summer weather we get, I’ve yet to see one in person.