A young driver who tried to run over a policewoman last Sunday in Cospicua, was granted bail since the alleged victim had taken the witness stand on Thursday.

Kurt David Azzopardi, 18, from Qormi, unemployed, was arraigned on Monday under arrest, pleading not guilty to attempted grievous bodily harm, committing an offence against a police officer, failure to obey legitimate police orders, reckless and dangerous driving as well as driving without a police licence and without insurance cover.

He was further charged with breaching a bail decree granted last month.

The young man had been remanded in custody upon his arraignment following the episode, which appeared to be the latest in an escalating series of incidents with the female officer.

When proceedings against the accused continued on Thursday, the policewoman testified that the young man’s dangerous driving had almost caused a collision with the police vehicle.

The policewoman had got out of the car and approached the young driver, intending to have a word with him.

However, as she got close to his car, he had sped off, injuring her in the process as her leg was caught by his tyre as a result of the sudden manoeuvre.

Following the testimony of the alleged victim, the court, presided over by magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit, upheld a fresh request for bail against a personal guarantee of €10,000, an order to sign the bail book daily and to abide by a curfew between 9pm and 7am.

The Court further ordered that the accused was not to drive any mechanical vehicle, making that one of his bail conditions.

The case continues.

Inspector Eman Hayman is prosecuting.
Lawyers Franco Debono and Mario Mifsud are defence counsel.