Parfois’ new autumn/winter campaign has arrived to get us ready for the cold and grey days ahead.

The ‘Iconic’ concept takes inspiration from the 80s, a decade which stands out for giving rise to some huge, timeless icons. It was around this time that the world witnessed a paradigm shift: design began to override function and aesthetics changed.

Lines and colour gained prominence back then, so the brand selected a fitting backdrop for this campaign: Chelas, a peripheral neighbourhood of Lisbon, Portugal.

But the truth is that both fashion and society are full of nostalgia, and there has always been a rejection of anything new, of change and a difficulty to accept the future which is fast becoming the present.

Because of this, Parfois’ autumn/winter campaign shows a woman who is curious and interested to explore and observe everything around her, reflecting this onto the world in which she was born and lives, with all the critiques and obstacles previous generations and modern society have put in her way.

During this reflection, Jamilla Hoogenboom absorbs these critiques and transforms them into something new. And it is from this that Iconic is born, a campaign which seeks to show that each one of us can be an icon, regardless of how, where and why.

The woman portrayed is affirming, little by little, that this is her world and her time, no questions asked. It is with this strong attitude that she has become influential. Hoogenboom is moving towards the future, towards change, and is totally indifferent to what’s behind her. She attracts her peers, who, by following her, are raising her to iconic status.

Parfois’ selection for the new season are also about standing out. Vichy and tartan are back with a vengeance and one can find them on purses, scarves and clothes. Animal prints, such as cow, leopard and snake, breathe life into shoes and purses that are paired with metallic or suede details.

This collection is all about mixing styles: pleated skirts worn with belt-bags and trainers with statement jewellery. The Total Looks are still key and the colour palette is varied: khaki, mustard yellow, burgundy, black, fuchsia and blue come together to bring brightness to grey days. 

Iconic comes from a new interpretation of the ‘icon’ concept, giving it a new meaning and scale, showing that it is not size that makes someone an icon, but authenticity, influence, the ability to create turning points in life.

Parfois is locally represented by Arkadia Marketing Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mizzi organisation. Parfois stores can be found in Republic Street, Valletta; Arkadia Commercial Centre, Victoria; and The Point, Sliema.

(Content provided by Arkadia Marketing Ltd)

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