Beachgoers seeking shade under an eroding cliff face at St Peter’s Pool – despite the area being cordoned off – has prompted calls for more supervision at the site. 

Photographs uploaded by Prof. Alan Deidun on social media shows people ignoring a boundary fence and warning signs to sit under the outcrop of rock, despite warning signs that the area is dangerous. 

“Further tragedy at Peter’s Pool waiting to happen… despite the explicit signage, pundits still blatantly choose to seek shelter under the cliff face… supervision on site is definitely needed,” said the geosciences professor. 


Marsaxlokk local council told Times of Malta they were aware of the issue and have applied for a permit to put wire mesh higher up across the cliff face. 

They have been waiting for its approval for almost a year now.

A spokesperson for the council also said that lack of infrastructure and funding made supervision of the area challenging. 

“When we talk about Marsaxlokk, people tend to think about the village core only and because of the influx of tourists in the area a lot of funding gets directed there,” he said. 

“When it comes to the Delimara area we are very short of funds,” he added. 

“It’s the most underdeveloped part of Marsaxlokk and tends to be neglected.”

This is the second time in less than two months that the popular swimming spot has come under the spotlight. 

The drowning of a 69-year-old man from Żejtun in July fuelled criticism for the lack of life-saving services in such a bustling tourist spot.

A first aider who had administered CPR to the victim claimed he was still alive when he was pulled out of the water and could possibly have been saved.