The importance of speaking different languages was stressed in presentations delivered recently by Maltese lawyer linguists representing the EU Court of Justice in a number of secondary and post-secondary schools in Malta over a period of five days.

The linguists talked about their work and the experience living and working abroad in a rich multicultural environment. They highlighted the benefits of learning foreign languages, besides Maltese, and how this could enhance students’ future career prospects.

The presentations were organised by the Education Ministry in collaboration with the Court of Justice of the European Union as part of the ‘Living Languages... Open up new worlds’ campaign.

The Court of Justice is one of the EU’s main institutions and is based in Luxembourg. It is responsible for deciding cases brought before it by Member States, EU institutions or national courts under EU law. Like all other EU institutions, it uses the 24 official languages of the EU, including Maltese. It currently employs 36 Maltese nationals, including three judges.


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