Opposition leader Bernard Grech on Sunday slammed the use of the national broadcaster PBS as a "partisan" tool in the hands of the government. 

Speaking at a political activity in Nadur, Grech said that instead of closing media stations owned by political parties, the real battle was to ensure PBS fulfilled its role as an impartial public broadcaster. 

He criticised what he described as a “blatant partisan interview” he was invited to on PBS last week. 

During the interview, Grech pointed out to the presenter that many of his questions were partisan in nature. 

Grech said during his speech that these manoeuvres were being done because the PN was going from strength to strength. 

He paid tribute to those at PBS who did their duties properly despite the constant pressure. 

Grech dedicated a large chunk of his speech to Gozo. He said the PN had commissioned a socioeconomic study of the island to better understand the challenges being faced. 

He said the study included a comparative analysis of healthcare in Gozo and Malta, as well as ways to ensure sustainable development and improve people’s quality of life. 

Grech pledged to reintroduce the Gozo channel cargo service from Valletta which was scrapped by the government five years ago. 

He said the removal of this service had led to more pollution and pressure on Malta's infrastructure, as cargo had to be driven to Ċirkewwa rather than Valletta. 

Grech said the PN would also ensure better connectivity between Malta and Gozo through a fast-ferry service, a government pledge that had remained a “dream”.

The Opposition’s leader lamented how the parliamentary committee on Gozo had been left by the government without a chairman, meaning it was unable to fulfil is functions. 

He said the committee had only been set up on the PN’s insistence, after continued foot-dragging by the government. 

“We are always ready to work with the government to take the country forward. But because the government is insecure, it does not accept this hand of friendship. In this case, it had no choice but to accept.

Grech said that if the government did not take action on Gozo, a PN government would. 

The Opposition leader said the recent shadow cabinet reshuffle would continue to ensure that the party renewed itself. 

“Where the government is doing nothing, we are offering this country new hope”, he said. 

Referring to the appointment of Therese Comodini Cachia to the humans rights portfolio, Grech said he wanted the PN not just to be a champion of civil liberties, but of all human rights.

Grech said he had also entrusted MP Claudio Grech with leading the PN’s policy transformation as part of the process to strengthen the party. 

He said the party wanted to turn a new page for the whole country, one where wealth was created and distributed equitably, and where families could live a healthy life in a serene environment. 

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