CareMalta and The Faculty of Theology within the University of Malta, have collaborated in the presentation of the first bioethics symposium. The aim of the symposium was to solicit bioethical understanding and set a national floor for discussion in view of the advancement of biology, medicine and respective technologies.

This initiative has been embraced by CareMalta as the company believes in norms and values that guide their practice. Moral understanding is expressed through the company core values and the way clients are regarded within their service of care.

The introduction to this forum was done by President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. In her reflective words she stated: “The effective right application of bioethics is today much broader and definitely plays a central role in the way in which human dignity, respect, and fundamental human rights are ensured to be enjoyed by all.”

The symposium was followed by a brief talk by Rev. Dr Raymond Zammit, chair of the Professional Ethics programme at the Faculty of Theology, where the question of ‘Do we need bioethics?’ was answered from different perspectives within the context of discussion.

A member of the German Academie der Ethik in Der Medizin, Prof. Antonio Auterio delivered the keynote speech. Prof. Auterio focused on Christian anthropology and bioethics with presuppositions and implications as main attributes to his intervention.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Agius, head of department of moral theology within the Faculty of Theology, concluded the symposium with reflections on the presentations delivered. Moreover, Rev. Prof. Agius highlighted the need for further research and development within bioethics.

He continued to emphasise the importance of the bioethical programme being offered at University in view of future ethical challenges not only in the elderly sector but in all clinical aspects for better ethical practice.

An open discussion for all present followed with questions and interventions from the panel speakers.


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