I wonder why most of the letters about birds published in The Times are about hunting and rarely about bird trapping.

I am very much against killing birds, which most probably end up in a showcase or are shot just out of habit.

I am not a hunter or trapper but I keep some birds such as canaries. It is scientifically proven that birds in captivity live about four years longer than those in the wild.

Birds in captivity find food and drink without having to struggle. They are in no danger from birds of prey and they are protected from inclement weather. The trapped birds settle down in a short time, in fact they delight us with their song. They even nest and cross-breed with canaries and other birds. It is also a good business.

Someone might say, even prisoners sing. I tell these individuals prisoners have their cell and bed, they are fed, they can learn a trade and receive education and if ever they were allowed to mix with female prisoners, I bet most of them would hate the day they are to be released from prison.

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