Shortly after reading Joe Vella’s chiding of my misunderstanding of Maltese ‘politics’ (‘Confidence’, April 17), I read Alistair Campbell’s full page article (‘Jeremy Hunt, one Europe’).

I will enlighten those who wonder who this man is. Campbell was the ‘spin doctor’ of the most reviled prime minister in British history. Tony ‘Bliar’ (Blair), the man who needlessly sent British troops to depose Saddam Hussein under the pretext that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He then proceeded to make hundreds of thousands of pounds on the lecture circuit. While the veterans of the Gulf conflicts and Afghanistan sleep homeless, the UK spends millions of pounds to house asylum seekers, refugees and migrants.

No serving man or woman, nor the families of veterans would ever vote for the Labour Party because of this man’s actions.

What Campbell wrote could actually apply in this country because the present Prime Minister has 30-something ‘advisers’. So, yes, I sure do not understand how Maltese politics work.


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